We started with a simple idea.

Get E-Pin


1. Without E-Pin you are not able to register in the system.
2. Purchase E-Pin for the new registration from the our authorised franchise.
3. One E-Pin cost is Rs. 590/-, first you have to pay the amount, then you will receive E-Pin.

Online Payment


4. After E-Pin Payment, Please share your payment details in company mobile, Whatsapp/SMS @ 9910077151,
5. For the first time for the one E-Pin, you will receive E-Pin in your mobile by whatsapp/SMS then for the next time, you will receive E-Pin in your Gross wallet Account.
6. GrossWallet will not liable for any fraud happening, if you purchase E-Pin from not authorised franchise owner.
7. If any problem, then you can call us @ 9910077151, 9868242444 between 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, Mon. to Sat.

Sponser ID


1. your introducer will provide there Sponser Id,
2. If you find company name directly than company person will provide Sponser Id.

Contact for More Details : Whatsapp/call us @ 9910077151,