All details about Learning Bonus

We all pay a fee for various services we avail of. English is an International language. Anywhere you learn, be it online or offline, you need to pay a high fee. Gross Wallet teaches you various courses for FREE. We will also award you a certificate on successful completion of a course. Not only that, Gross Wallet also rewards you for your efforts by giving you LEARNING BONUS on completion of a Course. You get learning Bonus of up to TEN levels. Learn Beginners Level Spoken English free of cost. You can also enquire about other courses in Spoken English, Computers, Personality Development, Web Designing, Digital Marketing, etc. So go right ahead and learn from Gross Wallet. Also EARN while you LEARN.

“LEARN and EARN the Smart Way with Gross Wallet.”

Learning Bonus upto 10 Level (INR)

Level Team Income Per Course Total Income
Self 1 25 25
L-1 10 10 100
L-2 100 8.0 800
L-3 1000 6.0 6000
L-4 10000 4.0 40000
L-5 100000 3.0 300000
L-6 1000000 2.0 2000000
L-7 10000000 1.0 10000000
L-8 100000000 1.0 100000000
L-9 1000000000 0.5 500000000
L-10 10000000000 0.5 5000000000