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Welcome to Gross Wallet

1. Cash Transactions not Allowed.( No MLM - "Work From Home Job" )
2. Daily Job Work done are Compulsory for withdrawal.
3. Your Max 5 Direct Subordinates introduce 3 Ways
  •         ->  Company Will Provide Subordinates
  •         ->  Yourself Will Add your Subordinates
  •         ->  Your Top Line Seniour Will Add your Subordinates
4. You will introduce unlimited Subordinates to your related Subordinates and get benefits.
5.There is NO Time limit to get any position. (Offer's Income, Royalty, Any Level, Etc.)
6. Payments Released Via NEFT/IMPS/PayTM Bank, PayTM.
7. Payment Withdrawal can make twice a month (1 to 15th) and (16 to month end date)
8. After Payment withdrawal Your payments would be transfers in Account within 1 to 5 Days*(working day must be).
9. We will not be responsible for delay in Payments in Case of Wrong Details of your Bank, PayTM Bank, PayTM.
10. Profile and Banks Details Once Updated & Filled Can Not Be Updated/Modified by Yourself. By Admin can be done for you .
11. Once you have withdrawals amount that amount you can add in you wallet by “Network”--”Amount Request” Option .
12. Company Reserves The Right to Modify the Term N Condition, Products, Plan, Business Policy to give prior notice trough our website. and it will be binding on All Distributors and Members.
13. All dispute with regarding “” Jurisdiction with Delhi Court only.